Friday, February 27, 2009

Welcome to Chess Collectors International


Directory C.C.I. Board

President: Dr. Thomas Thomsen, Germany

President Emeritus: Dr. George Dean, USA

Treasurer: William Fordney, USA

Treasurer: Gillian Raynes, UK

Treasurer: Lothar Heider, Germany

Secretary: Hope Levene, USA


Frank Camaratta, USA

Floyd Sarisohn, USA

Mike Wiltshire, UK

Massimiliano De Angelis, Italy

Sergio Bernal, Mexico

Gianfelice Ferlito, Italy

Oscar D ´Empaire, Venezuela

E-mail addresses

Floyd Sarisohn,

Dr. Sergio Bernal,

Gillian Raynes ,


Anonymous said...

Very cool. I didn't even know that CCI has a blog.

Jan said...

I am happy to see that CCI has created this blog. It's a great way to keep current members informed of items of interest, provides an instant forum for members to post, and allows the CCI to reach a broader audience.

Good work!

Janet (Jan) Newton
Member, CCI